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Heights High School area in Greater Houston is bustling with 9 active homebuilders. Sandcastle Homes and Long Lake each have 66 homes on offer, with prices ranging from $534,900 to $719,900. Starter Homes of Texas offers more luxurious homes, all priced at $1,785,000. The area has a total of 375 homes for sale. Homes vary greatly in size, from 666 sq ft to a massive 12,908 sq ft, and lot sizes range from 1,250 to 146,479 sq ft. The homes were built between 1930 and 2019, and most have 2 to 3 bedrooms. The prices range from $195,000 to a whopping $3,400,000.

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Price Ranges

less than $295k (36)
$295k - $670k (347)
$671k - $1,046k (383)
$1,047k - $1,422k (558)
$1,423k - $1,798k (35)
$1,799k+ (36)

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